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On The Air Soon!

By January 19, 2017February 3rd, 2017No Comments
Carbon Based Business Units On The Air Soon!

We’re just about to launch Podcaster’s Toolbox (click the link, you know you want to…), which means we’re pretty stinkin’ busy, and sometimes that means other stuff has to take a back seat.

But we’re just about ready to start our new podcast and can’t wait to start talking about life, business and being an entrepreneur as a WHOLE PERSON.

This isn’t going to be your ordinary “Ten steps to business success” or “How I got where I am today” story. If you’ve listened to the Web.Search.Social Podcast you know we’re about ignoring the rules and breaking outside the status quo – and if you haven’t listened yet, give it a try! We’ve been on hiatus for a while, developing our software and running our other… two other… businesses, and also having a mojito here and there with time for cigars and yoga, but much of the content is as relevant as ever.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Web.Search.Social is retired. On to new horizons!

If you’re curious and want to know when we have new episodes, go ahead and subscribe – we’ll let you know about all the good stuff as it happens!

Join us on our entrepreneurial journey. We have a feeling you’ll see yourself in a lot of our experiences. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to inspire, amuse and entertain you!